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The Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to fewer than 210,000 humans, but an estimated 500,000 free-roaming cats, and this latter number keeps growing. The lives of these cats are extremely grim and generally short because of disease, being hit by cars, and attacks from other animals. In addition, they can have an adverse effect on the native wildlife, much of which is unique to Hawaii, with many considered endangered species.

Free-Roaming Cats


The goal of AAO is to significantly reduce the free-roaming cat population of the Big Island. This will bring broad benefits: the cats will break out of the cycle of pain and suffering of lives in the wild, it will also reduce the number of cats that are predators of native wildlife and reduce the impact of cat-borne pathogens on marine life.

The Plan

To achieve this goal, we have developed an ambitious plan, starting with:

  • Spay/neuter clinics for both pets and free-roaming cats
  • Foster and adoption programs
  • Educational programs to encourage responsible pet ownership
  • Culminating in a completely enclosed cat sanctuary to protect both the cats and local wildlife from each other.
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