Cat Sanctuary

Cat Sanctuary

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Tourist Destination

The centerpiece of the Aloha Animal Oasis is a sanctuary for cats. Our goal is to make the sanctuary a premier tourist destination for visitors to the Big Island. It will be completely enclosed, utilizing special cat fencing, to protect both the cats and local wildlife from each other. Food, water, and vet care will be provided for all cats at the sanctuary.

Socialized Cats

The public face of our sanctuary will be an area where visitors can interact with friendly social cats that are available for adoption. This up-close and personal experience will create a more emotional response than any number of photos or stories could do, and spur larger donations, as well as increased exposure from people sharing their own photos on social media.

  • Interact with Cats

  • See Cats Available for Adoption

  • Long-Term Care for Elderly or Unsocialized Cats

  • Protect Native Bird Population

  • Educate the Next Generation

Unsocialized Cats

A separate area, not open to visitors, will provide a place for unsocialized cats to live out their lives in safety and comfort. These cats may come from areas where their own lives are threatened by poisoning, traffic, and lack of food/water, and/or where they are a danger to local wildlife.

Kupuna (elderly) Cats

There will also be separate areas for Kupuna (elderly), cats needing medication and blind or otherwise impaired cats, as well as an intake quarantine area to house new cats until they can be integrated into the general population.

Donate & Make a Difference

The timeline for a cat sanctuary is becoming more urgent. We have started a fundraising effort, where the funds will be strictly used for the purchase / build-out of a cat sanctuary. Thank you for considering helping our cause to build a safe haven for the kitties while protecting the native wildlife and marine ecosystems.

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