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What is TNR / TNRM?

TNRM stands for Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage, the most humane and effective way to reduce free-roaming cat populations. The cats, who typically live in a group called a “colony”, are trapped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and returned to their original territory. In many circumstances (the “Manage” stage), volunteer cat caregivers monitor the cat colony, providing the cats with regular food and water, and, if possible, medical attention when needed.

Why do we return?

About 70% of cats in the US that go to the animal shelter end up being killed, and that already-high number soars even higher when only counting free-roaming cats. Because many of these cats have never lived with people and are not socialized, they do not do well being adopted out.

What was done in the past?

For decades, communities used the catch-and-kill approach to attempt to control stray cat populations, which was both ineffective and unpopular with the public, who do not like to see their tax dollars spent killing rather than helping animals.

What is AAO doing?

Currently, AAO volunteers trap cats and take them to local spay/neuter clinics. As part of our management of cat colonies, we rescue kittens and socialize them through our foster program and then adopt them out. We are working to expand these efforts and increase the number of spay/neuter clinics to a level far beyond what currently exists. We plan to offer ‘pay what you can’ spay/neuter services to local residents for their pets and for free-roaming cats.

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It’s hip to be tipped!

Spay & Neuter

When you see a community cat with an ear tip, think of it as a badge of honor. It shows that someone cared enough to trap them and take them to a clinic to be sterilized and vaccinated. They can no longer contribute to the overpopulation of cats. They can live out their lives without the suffering that non sterilized cats frequently experience such as endless litters of kittens and various types of cancer. It’s hip to be tipped!


Help trap free-roaming cats

The Aloha Animal Oasis is recruiting volunteers to trap free-roaming cats to bring to spay/neuter clinics. This is crucial to reducing the number of unaltered free-roaming cats and breaking the endless cycle of suffering. Volunteers will be trained and provided with any necessary supplies needed for success.