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Cat Tales

Cat Tales

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Success Stories

Some kitties are dealt a bad hand, whether it is disease, predators or birth defects. Our Colony Managers identify kitties that need our help. Here are a few of the success stories.

Scrappy – Yet to meet a human he doesn’t like

We don't know Scrappy's origin story or how he ended up at the park but we're glad that he did. His face was injured and we discovered that it was probably from attempting to eat mongoose to survive, which must have gotten the better of him at some point. With a little coaxing and offering of wet food he began trusting us and treating us to his cute little trilling meows. He didn't seem to enjoy the company of the other cats at the park as he roamed from spot to spot. However, he has yet to meet a human he doesn't like. Larry was able to gain his trust and put him into a carrier to transport him to [...]

December 22, 2022|Cat Tales|

Oreo – Couldn’t have found a more perfect cat

Oreo was born a community cat and had been a community cat all her life (8) years. She lived in one of our more popular colonies that has many visitors that come just to see the cats. One evening while feeding my colonies, a couple of regular cat visitors (Irene and Dale) approached me and told me there was something wrong with one of the cats. I followed them to find Oreo with an abscess so large on her head it forced one of her eyes closed. I was able to get her in to the vet the next day. Dale and Irene agreed to keep her at their home while she recovered. She was with them for about [...]

December 22, 2022|Cat Tales|

Peanut’s Story – One look & she fell in love

One evening while one of our feeders was visiting her colony she found a tiny kitten that had been dumped. She couldn’t leave her there but didn’t have a carrier on her. She broke the number one rule in rescue, never let a cat or kitten be loose in your car. She put the little nugget on her lap and drove 20 minutes to a foster’s home. She purred the entire way and didn’t move at all. After being spayed, vaccinated, and chipped, we brought her to one of our adoption events. A woman and her daughter walked in with suitcases. They were on their way to the airport but had some time to kill and saw our [...]

December 22, 2022|Cat Tales|

Murphy – Stealing hearts with cat purrs

After responding to a sick cat post on Facebook, I set out to meet up with strangers to see how I could help. My husband's response was “you can’t save them all” to which I replied “but maybe I can save this one”! Out the door I went not knowing what I would find this time. Nothing prepared me for the sad, skinny, half dead kitty that was curled up behind a dumpster. Without hesitation I scooped him up and put him in the cat carrier I had brought (just in case). Off we went to a friend's house for a breathing treatment, subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics. In cat rescue, you are lucky to have such friends to go to [...]

December 22, 2022|Cat Tales|





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