Peanut’s Story
Peanut’s Cat Story

One evening while one of our feeders was visiting her colony she found a tiny kitten that had been dumped. She couldn’t leave her there but didn’t have a carrier on her. She broke the number one rule in rescue, never let a cat or kitten be loose in your car. She put the little nugget on her lap and drove 20 minutes to a foster’s home. She purred the entire way and didn’t move at all.

After being spayed, vaccinated, and chipped, we brought her to one of our adoption events. A woman and her daughter walked in with suitcases. They were on their way to the airport but had some time to kill and saw our adoption signs. She took one look at Peanut and fell in love. Peanut sat in her arms and looked up into her eyes. She quickly called her airline to ask what she needed to do to bring Peanut home with her and her daughter to southern CA. She purchased a carrier, signed the adoption agreement and headed to the airport with Peanut. Unfortunately, TSA wouldn’t let her through. The airline representative gave her incorrect information. They missed their flight and had to stay in Kona another night. They kept Peanut overnight and returned her to her foster before heading home.

The woman flew back to Kona the next week and had all of the proper documentation so she could finally bring Peanut home with her. This woman jumped through hoops to take Peanut home with her. We’re so happy for all of them.