Endangered Nene Geese

Campaign Background

The Queens’ Kitties have been fed for years; however, recently, an endangered species, the Nene Goose, has arrived at the feeding stations. Cat food is not an ideal diet, and attracting this endangered species to a public area with car traffic can pose a threat to their health and conservation efforts. A feeding ban was imposed as of April 21, 2023, and it is still in effect. There are over 150 cats that relied on this food, raising animal welfare concerns. Landowners, animal activists, and animal agencies were at odds with differing views on the best course of action.

Relocating ~150+ cats

A humane solution to a human problem

Cats Relocated So Far

Aloha Animal Oasis (AAO), Hawai’i Animal Kuleana Alliance (HAKA) and local supporters came together with a comprehensive plan to address the problem and manage the situation. This included the relocation of an estimated 150 cats, finding landowners/homes to rehome by providing/building outdoor (cat proof) enclosures with food, water and enrichment, where the cats can imprint on the new home and become outdoor companions. With cooperation of the Queens’ Marketplace property owners, Alexander & Baldwin and the DLNR and other government agencies the cats would be humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas then relocated to adopters’ land and/or homes. This process would be repeated until as many cats as possible are trapped and relocated. This initiative shows a significant commitment to animal welfare and a humane solution to a human problem.

The Queen’s cats are currently living in a lava field near a parking lot. The quality of life for the cats can be greatly improved. We are also committed to protecting the endangered Nene by removing the desire to enter an area that can pose a risk to their health and hinder conservation efforts. Those involved in this project prioritize the welfare of the cats and the preservation of the native wildlife as well as the environment in every decision made. We are committed to finding a humane solution to a human problem.

Hawai‘i Animal Kuleana Alliance

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Phase 1 – Accomplished

Phase 1 was successfully completed with collaboration and tireless dedication. Over five days we trapped, spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas a total of 64 cats. From Ocean View to Honoka’a on the east, and Hawaiian Paradise Park to Captain Cook on the west of the Big Island of Hawaii each have been placed in their furrrever homes. This could not have been accomplished without the support of Petfix Spay and Neuter, our community of volunteers and the support of all our donors, we extend our deepest gratitude. Continued support is not only appreciated – it is essential.

Phase 2 – Accomplished

This phase of our mission to care for the Queens’ Kitties involved running Phase 1 with smaller numbers (20 cats) every 2-3 weeks. These were coordinated with existing planned spay/neuter clinics to streamline the process. The success of the program heavily relies on finding compassionate individuals and families, willing to take in and ADOPT these cats onto their land or into their homes. This will give the kitties a second chance at life and help to manage the population in a humane way.

Phase 3 – Planning

Our efforts to produce homes to adopt the Queens’ Kitties is slow and the available homes are running thin. This leads us to our Phase 3 plan, secure land to create a ‘staging’ area for these cats. We are working with several agencies to identify land that would provide a safe haven for these kitties. We would cat-proof fence the area, provide food, water and vet care as we work toward our ultimate goal, A CAT SANCTUARY on the Big Island. Part of our fundraising effort will go toward building out the ‘staging’ area so we can take these kitties out of Queens’ Shops. To donate specifically to the sanctuary or to learn more about our plans, please visit our Sanctuary Page.

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