Endangered Nene Geese

Campaign Background

On April 21, 2023 the Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) applied a cease and desist to all feeding of cats in Queens’ Marketplace, in Waikōloa, Hawaiʻi, due to the presence of endangered nene geese. The geese were eating the food that was intended for the cat colony at Queens’, which DLNR considered to pose a threat to the geese. The feeding ban is currently still active and punishable by fines at the state and federal levels as the nēnē is an endangered/threatened species.

Relocating ~150 cats

A humane solution to a human problem

After considering a variety of solutions that would both help the Queens’ cats and the nēnē, local animal advocate Melanie Thomas brought together Aloha Animal Oasis and Hawai‘i Animal Kuleana Alliance to spearhead an effort to relocate as many of the estimated 150 cats as possible to private adopters. With the cooperation of the Queens’ Marketplace property owners, Alexander & Baldwin, the cats will be humanely trapped, then spayed/neutered, microchipped, flea treated, and vaccinated by Petfix Spay and Neuter. This process will be repeated until we have trapped and relocated as many cats as possible.

The Queens’ cats are currently living in a lava field near a parking lot. The quality of life for both the cats and the environment can be greatly improved. Those involved in this project prioritize the welfare of the cats and the preservation of the environment in every decision made. We are committed to finding a humane solution to a human problem. Please help us in the massive, multi-agency effort to preserve life for both cats and nēnē – one species shouldn’t have to die to protect another species. Consider making a donation to help save the Queens’ Marketplace cats.

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